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Love how Ty Xanders takes a shot at the 2020 talent? Is he kidding me? First the 2020 class is one of the strongest. 2nd, 91 Crush beats most of all the 2019 teams. And I've seen other 2020 teams beat many 2019 teams and give some of the top 2019 teams a run for their money.

Let's get real. The crush could and does beat average 2019 teams. But any real good team they can't nor should they be able to. I saw them beat Team Revolution in the fall but they were physically being abused due to the size difference. Without the one kid they would have been destroyed. All you heard was complaints about you cant do this you can't do that.. Once they are in 10th or above then you might be able to say they can beat some real good 2019 teams. The size will equal out but for now stick with what you have so the kids don't get hurt and parents don't complain