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WOW...Tambroni is desperate. Dipping into the kiddie pool. And why does this player choose Penn State. With all the resources at Tambroni's disposal and he can't put a competitive team on the field? The spigot is open, no stopping it now. If you haven't started having conversations with college coaches by now and you are a 2020, you are probably not getting recruited by a top D1 program.

What a dumb [lacrosse] statement. Coaches are not going to be rushing to recruit 2020's at this stage, too many 2019's and below to get through. Tambroni is way out of line for going to this extend and young age, regardless of the player (and there is absolutely nothing against this young man). Seems Penn State may be having trouble with 2019's etc that he had to resort to this level. Simply way out of line.