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Looney's has better coaching? Give me a break? The coach is the f'in Bartender smile. The difference is whether or not Flogo is at the game. Without him Loonies is toast.

You are a total idiot, a true Crab fan, speaking out of their as*. A bartender, not quite. Let's see what Ryan
M does for a living. Not even close.
Plus Ryan has a very low lacrosse IQ, watch him coaching at a game, he has no idea what he is doing.
On a coaching level, Loony's coaches along with Team 91,
FCA plus others will outcoach Ryan M any day of the week. Ryan M only knows how to win by having a 2020 team made up of mostly 2019 players. So Crab fans, keep denying it, Ryan M has sold you all a bill of goods based on total lies.