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I know very little, if anything, about lax, other than sticks with nets at the end are used .... and there was a dustup with the Duke men's players a while back. :-)

I'm curious when everyone's kid started playing or training lax .... and where they did it. Our daughter is 7 and has her own lax sticks (?) as she got some lessons from a college lax coach where my husband works. I have no idea if she is too young to learn how to play (even at the rec level, if such a level exists), and I can't seem to find anything on our "island" (SI) or in NJ (which is closer to us than LI).

I'd like to diversify our daughter's athletic experience (soccer and swimming to date) and think lax would be a cool thing for her to learn.

Any thoughts/ideas/guidance for an ignorant parent?


There are plenty of club teams at this age. You need to just look around...ask parents of older kids playing Lax or google "lacrosse with your town/area "