I need to preface this with that my only experience is with Boys Lax. I don't know if any of this applies to Girls.

I think for U14 (most 8th graders) it is a no brainer that age based competition is the way to go. In this case there should be no restriction as to the JV or Varsity experience the player may or may not have. Age should be the only criteria. Yes, we do need player passes and a way of enforcing them.

As for High School,I think the graduating year based Teams that we are all accustomed makes the most sense. College coaches need to fill their roster spots by graduating year. They will keep an eye out for younger players but at the end of the day all they have to put their efforts into the next incoming Freshman class. Moreover, College coaches are no longer willing to let those tournament dollars go in someone else's pocket. The fact that they can make money and have the players come to them is good business and a more efficient use of time. The well established camp model of Top 205, Jake Reed, Peak 200, Blue Chip 225 etc. is growing. Travel teams would be smart to align themselves with college based camps and tournaments. I think most parents and players have some hope or dream of college lacrosse. The best part is you don't have to go D1 to get an exceptional college team experience.

Is US Lacrosse needed by college coaches? Not at this point. I do think they can create a vital feeder system to college coaches. A good start would be getting the U14 and younger age group better organized.