Time for some folks to hear from me...you may not know me, but I am the wrong guy to [lacrosse] off by attacking a child. You may think you are anonymous, but let me tell you in no uncertain terms you are not. If I have to turn over your posts to the authorities I will do it without thinking twice..

This is version 3.0. I have all the information from the low-life adult bullies bashing this 14 y/o. Be warned...do not [lacrosse] with me or the child anymore or you will have a knock on your front door from guys with a badge.

To the parent of the child that is being bullied. If you wish to pursue this issue and need my assistance simply email me and I will TCB.

I have zero tolerance for adults who beat up on children and hide behind their momma's dress like the pussies they are. Have I made myself clear or do you want to challenge me?

Meanwhile, version 3.0 of the Boys 2019 Fall 2014/Summer 2015 is open for posting.

I'm Larry Miller.